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Stroncq is an ecological and biodegradable embankment reinforcement tile inspired by the strength of the root structure of plants. A project in collaboration with Omlab.

Inspiration from nature

What can nature and its smallest life-forms teach us? These small life-forms are the starting point of Lilian van Daal’s research.


How can we create the strongest possible embankment reinforcement by imitating natural principles? And how can we create something that will eventually be taken over by real nature? The project is a symbioses of design, biology, material and technology. 

Plant roots are the most efficiënt embankment reinforcement we can think of. In our "man-made" world, we are sometimes looking for fast solutions. This ambankment reinforcement tile is made from a 3D printable, ecological material developed by Omlab, with 98% residual flows from sewage and drinking water treatment.

Lime in the 3D-printpaste counteracts acidification of the soil. Seeds can be added to the paste and after a while, the root structure of plants will take over the strength of the biodegradable tile.


Stroncq_Lilian van Daal.jpg
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“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” - Aaron Rose

This project was a showcase for a call for product ideas: Maacq Waar(de), a co-op of AquaMinerals and Omlab. To show the great potential of the material and technology, the embankment reinforcement tile forms the seat of Stroncq. A seating object that shows the strength of the material.

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Stroncq_Lilian van Daal_01.jpg

"If nothing on earth absorbed light, the planed would be lifeless and cold."

Part of project: Maacq Waar(de), initiatief AquaMinerals en Omlab

Projectinitiative Maacq Waar(de): AquaMinerals and Omlab

Stroncq concept and design: Lilian van Daal

Stroncq development: Omlab

Material prototype Itbettermatter: 

Stroncq design: Lilian van Daal
Stroncq development: Omlab
Omlab’s materiaalprototype Itbettermatter: calcite, cellulose (Recell), Kaumera, alginate and water
Circular colours: water iron (ochre), pigment from waste from the vineyard sector of Paint Mill the Cat (dark grey)

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