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The project Microscopic Imitations aims to increase the potential of natural light phenomena in microscopic structrures of organisms and convert them into efficient, functional light objects. Exploring natural light phenomena like reflection, absorption, transportation, interference, scattering and refraction and mimic them to improve the industry and optimize lighting design. 

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Inspiration from nature

What can nature and its smallest life-forms teach us? These small life-forms are the starting point of Lilian van Daal’s research.


How can we create the greatest possible light output with a minimal light source by imitating natural principles? Or how can we create structural coloring instead of using polluting pigments by imitating natural principles?

These kind of questions will be part of the research and light will be explored in it's broadest sense. The project will be a symbioses of design, physics, biology and technology. By collaborating with Luximprint, a company who developed the technology Additive Optics Fabrication we are able to convert these principles to functional light objects.

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” - Aaron Rose

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"If nothing on earth absorbed light, the planed would be lifeless and cold."

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This project is a collaboration project with Luximprint.   

Concept and design: Lilian van Daal