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AMSTERDAM, 2 October 2015 –The designer Lilian van Daal is the winner of the Volvo Design Challenge 2015, as decided by an expert jury in ArtDeli in Amsterdam today. The jury members expressed their surprise at the high quality of the entries. “We feel that Lilian’s concept has a clear vision and brings together the three aspects of modernity, innovation and handling of the material.”

In 2014 Volvo created an annual competition for design talent. This year four young designers were in the running for the Volvo Design Challenge. Borre Akkersdijk, Lilian van Daal, Bob Schiller and Jólan van der Wiel each received a working budget for development of a design based on Volvo’s ‘Designed around you’ philosophy. The winner is receiving an incentive prize of € 10,000.

Shapes of Sweden by Lilian van Daal

The choice was anything but simple but after ample discussion the jury had reached its verdict. Lilian van Daal was able to capture three topical developments in her Shapes of Sweden: biomimicry (an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies), 3D printing and the use of natural materials. Not only does the concept have a clear vision on the future but also it shows its strong relation with the Volvo brand. Her work is innovatory, aesthetic and provides perspective for the industry.

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