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bone light_Lilian van Daal_02_small_edited
Peltchair Studio Synergy & Lilian van Daal 03
Rhodotus_03_lilian van daal_pixolid
Heliodiscus_lilian van daal_01
Stroncq_Lilian van Daal_02
Infinitive reflections_01
EmptyName 77
Lilian van Daal_Volvo design Challenge_photo by Lisa Klappe02
Biomimicry saddle_lilian van daal02
Light EGG01_lilian van daal


With the focus on biomimicry, Lilian van Daal, aims to reveal nature’s rich library of solutions. The emphasis is on the imitation and adjustment of natural structures to optimize products and production methods in a sustainable way. Additionally, she actively promotes the integration of naturalness into our daily lives for the benefit of our well-being, called as biophilic design.

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