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"Bridging nature and technology will lead to new innovative solutions."


"Bridging nature and technology will lead to new innovative solutions."

The Rhodotus is a unique light that was created with the support of Artificial Intelligence (AI) from a text input (prompt) and through 3D printing technology.


Collaboration with Pixolid

Type of work
Nature inspired lighting design created with the support of Artificial Intelligence

The inspiration behind the design comes from the structure of the mushroom species, Rhodotus Palmatus, which represents a series of triply periodic minimal surfaces.

These are mathematical models that describe repeating patterns in three-dimensional space which are found in many natural structures.

The intricate patterns and intertwining surface 3D ornaments that represent the driving element of the design were created using these mathematical models. The result is a functional light object that plays with transparency, complex structures and light in an aesthetic way.

The Rhodotus is the result of a collaboration of Pixolid, Berlin-based studio for implementation of generative AI into design and manufacturing processes and Lilian van Daal, a Dutch designer who has been experimenting with 3D-printing technologies and structures to meticulously mimic nature. Her expertise in 3D printing technology and materials helped bring this vision to life.

“Nature is the source of all true knowledge.- Leonardo da Vinci

The light is made using state of the art processes which allow us to replicate the complex natural structure, enriching any space it has been placed into. It has been proven that incorporating organic and biomorphic patterns contribute to human well-being and their connection to the natural world.

We hope that this design will spark conversations about the intersection of art, design, nature and technology, and inspire others to create sustainable products that are both aesthetic and functional.

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