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"Bridging nature and technology will lead to new innovative solutions."


"Bridging nature and technology will lead to new innovative solutions."

The Peltchair is a chair that generates electricity with the body heat of its occupant. Electricity which is used to organically illuminate the chair, giving it a lively impression whilst being constructed from mere an-organic materials. These materials, copper and aluminium, are casted in a nature inspired structure that contributes to the chair’s intrinsic beauty and function.

Peltchair_lilian van daal_02.png

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” - Frank Lloyd Wright

Peltchair_lilian van daal_01.jpg

2023 - now

Collaboration with Studio Synergy

Type of work
Innovation, biomimicry, green energy

The base shape makes it a heat sink, dissipating the occupants body heat to its surroundings. A steady stream of heat will flow from the occupant, through the chair, to the surrounding air and is transformed into electricity along the way. 

The chair will glow more vividly, depending on how much electricity you produce. The production of which depends on

the heat flow through the chair, which, on it's turn, depends on the temperature difference between your body heat and the surrounding air.


The greater this difference, the greater the flow, the brighter the chair will glow. The best thing about this power production is that you do not have to do anything! 

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