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Nurtured by Nature

Humans are visual creatures, therefore, scientific findings from numerous suggest the mental, emotional and physical benefits of naturalness in our living environment. While people benefit from their connection with the natural world, the environment also benefits when people feel connected and committed to caring for the Earth.


The amount of time someone spends in nature is not the only factor contributing to a healthy life. It's also beneficial to feel connected to nature even when you're confined to a desk, home, or hospital bed. Being connected to nature appears to have a positive impact on mood, mental well-being, and physical health. Biomimicry is dedicated to this task by imitating natural elements and systems, such as patterns, to improve our lives, performance, and well-being.

In design, incorporating organic and biomorphic patterns doesn't necessarily involve using actual living organisms. Instead, it entails seeking to mimick nature. Whether used for functionality, decoration, or as a structural aspect of design, biomorphic forms and patterns have been proven to contribute to human well-being. In our work we seek to use structures from nature that help us solve design challenges in products or production processes, but aside from this we also use nature inspired design to create an enrichting environment. The more we stay connected to nature, the more at ease we feel, and the more dedicated we become to care for the Earth.

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