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Bone light

A fusion of new technologies and nature unfolds through this design intricately inspired by the elegant intricacies of bone structures. When light intertwines with carefully crafted 3D-printed components made from limestone the mesmerizing details are accentuated.

bone light_Lilian van Daal_02_small_edited.jpg
bone light_Lilian van Daal_01_small.jpg
bone light_Lilian van Daal_03_small.jpg


3D printed by Concr3de

Type of work
lighting design, biomimicry, biophilic design


This product not only serves as a beacon of aesthetic sophistication but also contributes to the ethos of biofilic interiors. The seamless integration of nature-inspired patterns and the sustainable methodology employed in its 3D printing process is a harmonious balance between biophilic design and environmental responsibility.

For health improvement it is beneficial to feel connected to nature even when you're confined to a desk, home, or hospital bed. Being connected to nature appears to have a positive impact on mood, mental well-being, and physical health. Biomimicry is dedicated to this task by imitating natural elements and systems, such as patterns, to improve our lives, performance, and well-being.

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